Goodbye, sweetie.

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i dont actually have a personality ive just sucked up the personalities of all my favorite characters from when i was about 6 up until now 


Emma Watson + Cannes outfits (2013)

  • me: i have a headache
  • parents: its because you're on the computer too much
  • me: my back hurts
  • parents: its because you're on the computer too much
  • me: i failed a test
  • parents: its because you're on the computer too much
  • me: hitler killed the jews
  • parents: its because you're on the computer too much


Not over you


[M]y journey through the universe. My path through time and space. 


hey, so you know that even though years have passed for River - maybe centuries - since she has been saved in the Library, and even though the Doctor hasn’t visited her once and even though she thought she was being forgotten and left alone, she still came to help the Doctor. (not to mention that it’s vaguely alluded that she’s done sth like that before or at least met with the paternoster gang before.)

and then she hears the the Doctor never mentions her

and it does not affect her in the slightest, it doesn’t affect her need and want to help him

and she goes through the whole ordeal, being around him, believing that he does not see her, saying his name, watching him enter his tomb and battling with his greatest and worst secret, and she tries to save his companion, and then she tries to save him - again and again and again - and stop him from killing himself. 

and then she realises he can see her. and you know, at this point she didn’t even want any love declaration. and I am sure that there were moments when she felt and believed that he did not love her. never. the only thing she wanted was a closure. a goodbye. that’s all. she wanted a goodbye from the man she loved. she wanted him to just say this one word.

instead of that she hears that she is always with him, that he can always see her and feel her, that he carries her with him and that he could not say goodbye to her not because he did not care - but because it would hurt him so much. and yet he says it - he says goodbye to her, he accepts her death and he lets her go - River, his River, the one who sacrificed herself for him, the one who was always one step ahead of him, the one who teased him with spoilers and promises of times to come. 

he says goodbye and yet, even then, he says ‘see you around’ with hope written all over his face - because it may be another ending for them, but who says it cannot be another beginning? and she replies ‘till the next time’ and there is smile on her face, because she knows, she knows and she remembers that-